An Ode of Gratitude

A month ago now we stood on the edge of world, Noah and I.  We held hands as we watched our children joyfully play in the cold sand of the Oregon coast beaches.  Soren and Jude marveled as the waves chase away the birds vying for a taste of what was left in the tide pools.  We stood as Noah's parents encouraged their grandkids to write their names in the sand, if only to temporarily claim that we were there, one more time.

Chicago Winter Wedding // Peter + Tierney

 have you met two people who live more fully, more presently and more hopefully in the time they have than Peter and Tierney.  The words that kept circulating on their wedding day were identifiers like joy, resilience, exuberance and redemption.  They have big stories, stories they have been brave enough to tell.  But both of them agree, the story they are writing from this day forward is already bigger, better and more in need of storytellers than any previous memoir. 

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Arne + Melissa // Rainy Mount Si Engagement

Rarely do I come across a couple who has already done a better job telling their story in their first email than I ever could.  It takes coaxing out of people to get bigger and better details about their love story, but if I could I would just copy and paste Melissa's first email and walk away because I was moved to tears when I read it.  It went so far beyond the fact they met as trauma nurses in the ER, she explained why she loves Arne and how Arne meticulously speaks her love language, even when she cannot speak it herself.  

Ali Hormann
Adam + Jess // Sedro-Wooley Wedding

September is perfect in the Pacific Northwest.  The temperature is lovely, the end of the month brings new colors and beautiful change to the Evergreen State.  And, if you're lucky, if you're really really lucky, the rain holds off until October.  Adam & Jess were recipients of such luck and were able to share it in spades with their friends, family, and most importantly, each other.

But much of it wasn't luck, it was the diligence and planning of two people who could not be more excited to spend their lives together.  So, as the sun warmed up the hills around the Skagit River Valley, Adam & Jess put on their finishing touches to start a whole new life together.

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